Inspired by the flavours of traditional French cuisine, Gilles Breuil, from the Maconnais region invites you to discover the taste heritage of his native land.

In the dishes, you will apreciate a generous and tasty cuisine which honors the Burgundian terroir : you may be tempted by our fresh « cuisses de grenouille », our « quenelles de brochet », our « bœuf Bourguignon »,  our « œufs en meurette » or even our « escargots de Bourgogne » or our « jambon persillé ».

You will accompagny these meals with Burgundy wines and the best designations of Maconnais and Beaujolais.

Valentine´s Day Menu

Nowadays, if you are in a hurry, even for turning round and round, you need to know that for the preparation of « mets », you will have to wait a little bit, indeed, here, by respect of the tradition and the quality, nothing is entirely cooked in advance. In this country of good sense and balance, this is still "cuisine".
- J.DELAVEYNE, Chef (1919-1996)